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Approvals & Standards

  • UL Listed to Standard UL2579
  • CSA Component Pending
  • IEC 60269-6

Key features & benefits

Mersen’s HP15M photovoltaic (PV) fuse series is designed specifically for the protection of PV string wiring for 1500VDC utility scale photovoltaic systems. Its robust construction makes it ideal for continuous temperature and current cycling withstand adding to system longevity. The 1500VDC rated HP15M, designed for low minimum breaking capacity capabilities of 1.35 times the fuse rated current value, allows for safe circuit interruption under typical low fault current conditions produced by PV arrays and meets the trend for increased voltage for higher efficiency. In addition to the standard ferrule terminal, parts are available with Crimp Cap terminals for in-line fuse applications. The unique wire crimp terminal (CC option) permits olderless wire-to-fuse connection for overmold encapsulation of fuse and wiring. Protect your off-grid or grid tied PV system from unexpected line faults using Mersen’s HelioProtection® fuse line.

More specifications


  • All photovoltaic applications
  • PV string/array level protection
  • Combiner box applications
  • In-line PV module protection
  • Inverters
  • Battery charge controllers

Product Specifications

Número de item


Descrição do item (ERP)

1500VDC 12A 10X85MM CRIMP CAP  


HelioProtection® Fuse 1500VDC 12A gPV Crimp Cap HP15M - Photovoltaic Series  

Código EAN / UPC


Tensão nominal DC UL

1500   V

Tensão avaliado DC IEC

1500   V

Ampere Rating

12   A

Conformidade ROHS


Classe de fusível


Velocidade / característica


Tamanho do fusível




AC Max I.R./Breaking Capacity: I1

50   kA

Power Dissipation at Rated Current Value

3.18   W

Dissipação de Energia no Valor Corrente Intermediário

1.26 @ 0.7 In   W

Connection/Terminal Material

Tin-Plated Copper  

Corpo / Material Isolante


Peso do Produto

0.0181   kg

Diâmetro do produto

11.4   mm

Comprimento do produto

112   mm

Quantidade do pacote de venda

5   Each

Vender o peso do pacote

0.0907   kg

Vender a largura do pacote

14.2   mm

Vender Comprimento do Pacote

60.5   mm

Vender a altura do pacote

114.3   mm