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Approvals & Standards

  • IEC 60269-4 Compliance

Key features & benefits

The 690V Protistor® fuse-links provide maximum flexibility in equipment design and ultimate protection for today's power conversion equipment. These square body fuse-links are available in different body sizes, each size having multiple worldwide acceptable mounting styles.
The Protistor® gR have been engineered to provide full range protection to eliminate all overloads and short circuit fault. Each fuse is assembled with pure silver, die-cut elements embedded in solidified sand, which helps control arcing characteristics for a lower I²t and high interrupting rating level. All contact surfaces are silver plated and all hardware is non-magnetic.
All fuse-links can be equipped with a low voltage trip-indicator which can operate a field mountable microswitch.

More specifications


  • Protection of inverters, motor drives, UPS systems and similar 690V or less equipments.

Product Specifications

Número de item


Catalogue No.


Descrição do item (ERP)

6,9 GRB 72 D11A 0350  


Size 72 type DIN110 gR 350 A 690VAC  

Código EAN / UPC


Tensão nominal AC IEC

690   V

Ampere Rating

350   A

Velocidade / característica


Tamanho do fusível




Clearing I2t At Rated Voltage

140   kA²s

I2t de fusão

23.2   kA²s

AC Max I.R./Breaking Capacity: I1

150   kA

Power Dissipation at Rated Current Value

60   W

Sistema de Indicação


Tipo de sistema de indicação


Connection/Terminal Material

Silver-Plated Copper  

Conexão / Tipo de Terminal

DIN Type Blades  

Corpo / Material Isolante


Peso do Produto

0.7333   kg

Largura do produto

59   mm

Comprimento do produto

133.4   mm

Altura do produto

63   mm

Quantidade do pacote de venda

3   EACH

Vender o peso do pacote

2.1999   kg

Vender a largura do pacote

145   mm

Vender Comprimento do Pacote

73   mm

Vender a altura do pacote

195   mm